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Featuring 18 different cases from dentists around the globe

Covering a range of popular techniques such as socket grafting, sinus lifts and immediate implant placements, as well as cutting-edge procedures such as ‘push-in’ implant placements, the book provides an in-depth insight into how each practitioner utilises EthOss in their work.


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Routine Implant Procedures - Part 1

Module 1, part 1: Dr Peter Fairbairn, 8 minutes

Dr Fairbairn discusses using EthOss to treat routine bone loss cases according to his published Protocol.  


Routine Implant Procedures - Part 2

Module 1, part 2: Dr Peter Fairbairn, 12 minutes

Dr Fairbairn also discusses flap design, suture techniques and the importance of thorough cleaning / degranulation prior to grafting.


Socket Grafting

Module 2: Dr Peter Fairbairn, 15 minutes

Advice and techniques for optimising socket grafting outcomes with EthOss,  includes options for covering the site and how to effectively clean extraction sockets prior to graft placement