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Dr Wasim Fazel 

Aims and Objectives

  • - Review the benefits of modern alloplastic biomaterials over traditional “guided bone regeneration”
  • - Explain the purpose of collagen membranes and why these are not needed with modern alloplast grafts, such as EthOss®
  • - Showcase a range of techniques to preserve the buccal palatal dimension post-extraction, including Partial Extraction Therapy
  • - Techniques to bypass the risk of gingival recession and loss of gingival height
  • The above techniques will be illustrated through cases from the speakers’ own clinical experience

Learners will be able to:

  • - Explain and review alternative biomaterials, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each
  • - Understand the application of EthOss in a variety of indications, including Partial Extraction Therapy, and how these techniques can help to preserve and improve both hard and soft tissue
  • - Have an advanced understanding of EthOss bone grafting material including the composition, mixing, preparation and application
  • - Analyse a selection of published research on modern alloplast biomaterials

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